Iubesti muzica ? Aici gasesti tot ceea ce iti doresti


Name: Odimusic.Net
Status: Active
Genres: 80's, 90's, All Kind
Format: Single, Album, Compilation
Highlight: They have a great collection of everything, a lot of stuffs you may not have found somewhere else. The connection is not the fastest, probably because of the huge collection. But I could spend days in this site to hunt for stuffs.
Note: Though it says on their front page, readers require registration in order to see links. This policy has just started within the past 6 months and also not all the members who post do that either. You can still see a lot of links from many posts. It all depends on your lucks. In fact, even if you consider to register with them, it costs you Euro 2.5 as donation OR posting 2 albums up yourself. Thought that's fair enough deal.
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