VA - “The End of the Millennium in the Romanian Village

Year: 2000
Style: folk
Country: Romania
Label: Muzeul Ţăranului Român
Series of recordings: Ethnophonie
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 130 MB (recovery information included)

1. Opricã’s Dance (Bãtuta), performed by the rural fanfare from Cozmesti - Iasi
2. Dance melody (Sârba), performed by a folk band from Pârâu de Pripor - Gorj (violin: Nicu Zlãtaru)
3. Song: “Last night I was at the work-bee”, performed by Ghinea Pega from the village of Glodeanu Silistea - Buzãu
4. Love song: ” Ion from Ionele”, performed on the shepherds’ pipe by Ion Costache from Merisani - Teleorman
5. Song: “Ion, Ion”, sung by Viorica Sandu from Voluntari - Ilfov
6. Dance melody (Învârtita) from Sibiu, performed on the Jew’s harp by Vasile Mihesan from Valea Largã - Mures
7. Dance Melody (Brâul pe sase), played by two musicians from Bughea de Sus - Arges (violin: Ion Stefan “Ienus”)
8. Suite of dance melodies from Chioar region (Maramures) (Codrãneste, Scuturatul), played by a folk band from Baia Mare (violin: Gheorghe Negrea)
9. Love song from Vlasca: “Come on, sweet heart, to the doorway”, performed by a folk band from Clejani - Giurgiu (voice: Ilie Iorga)
10. Lyric song (doinã), performed by a small brass fanfare from Lãpusnicu Mare - Caras Severin (solo trombone: Iosif Ciocloda)
11. Suite of dance melodies (Sãlãjanul) from Bihor, performed by a folk ensemble from Vadu Crisului - Bihor (solo violin: Nelu Petru Jolþe)
12. Ritual Wedding Music: “The song of the firetree”, performed (vocal and instrumental) by a folk band from Mârsa - Giurgiu
13. Dance (Hora) from Mârsa, performed by the same folk band from Mârsa - Giurgiu
14. Men’s dance from Mara valey, performed by a group of musicians, singers, and dancers from the village Hoteni - Maramures (violin: Nicolae Griguþã)
15. Song: “Oak tree, shady wood”, sung by Vasile Soporan from Frata - Cluj
16. Whistled song, performed by Viorica Sandu from Voluntari - Ilfov
17. Song for listening, performed (voice and accordion) by Victor Gore from Bucharest
18. “Bethlehem” (Viflaimul), sung by a group of children from Hoteni - Maramures
19. “The carol of the stag” (fragment) sung by a group of men from Alexeni - Ialomitеa
20. Carol: “Whose courts are these”, sung by three groups of men from Mihail Kogãlniceanu - Ialomita
21. Dance melody (Bãtuta) from Crãsnita, performed by the village fanfare from Cosmesti - Iasi.

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